I am an Australian/Japanese cookbook author, photographer and food/travel writer based in Tuscany with my Tuscan husband, Marco Lami, who is a sommelier and has been pouring great wines in fine dining restaurants for over a decade. I have written five cookbooks (the sixth, Gohan, a cookbook of Japanese home cooking will arrive in October 2023!).

Here, I share my food and travel recommendations around Italy (or Japan!), snippets of life in Tuscany with two small kids, seasonal recipes we love, new and old favourite wines we’re drinking, cookbook chat, discussions on things that are meaningful to me, such as how to untangle yourself from diet culture, sustainability in food and why finding joy (not fear) in food is so important especially for our children, plus links that keep us going.

Similar to what I share on my blog and on Instagram, but full of extra insights, deep dives (like this one on the myth of sugar), links and ramblings that don’t fit on either the blog or Instagram, this newsletter is also the first place I announce news such as workshops at our new enoteca and culinary space, Enoteca Marilu, and other things you may want to be first to hear about.

If you enjoy my content, I hope you may consider being a supporter of my writing for 5 euro a month (50 euro annually), it’s the price of a glass of prosecco at our favourite wine bar in Florence, which I hope one day we could even do in person. This support helps me continue bringing you recipes, images and thoughts from Italy, and just being a food writer in general (because to be perfectly honest writing cookbooks does not adequately do that) while juggling a young family. Thank you.

I’m very excited about this newsletter and I hope you will be too, I have so much more to share with you, so please stay tuned.

“Two reasons why I love Emiko Davies’ cookbooks above all others: First, the recipes convey an immediate doability – you have all or most ingredients on hand, and the spirit of the dish is communicated in such an easy, intimate manner that you waste no time deciphering or adapting, you just dive in. But the second reason is even better: such good, satisfying, literary writing! Yes, many cookbooks come with sprightly notes and meditative essays tucked between the recipes, but this is writing that could function on its own, if it wanted to. The cookbooks are books in their own right, they are complete immersive experiences. You are transported with all of your senses. In times like these, that makes all the difference.”

— Deborah Feldman, author

Looking forward to writing for you from my kitchen in Tuscany.

Emiko x

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Writing from Tuscany, Emiko shares recipes, insider travel tips and personal stories about her family life in Italy.


Emiko Davies 

Emiko Davies is an award-winning Australian-Japanese writer, photographer and cookbook author based in Tuscany, Italy. Her sixth cookbook on the recipes she grew up with, Gohan: Everyday Japanese Cooking, is out September 2023.